My Top 10 People You Must Follow on Vine

Since its launch in January 2013, Vine has soared to the top of the iPhone app charts. It now boasts well over 13 million users worldwide, and with a recent release on Android, Vine looks set to become even more popular.
At its core, Vine is a mobile app that enables the user to create and share six second video clips. It follows a wave of apps centred around confined communication, from Twitter (who bought Vine in 2012) and its 140 character limitation, to Snapchat, where the user has 1-10 seconds to view a post before its deletion. But where the former comprises mainly Facebook friends sending pictures of their genitals to one another, Vine is home to a genuine community, where people are stretching the confines of the six seconds to produce and project all sorts of wonderful things. Comedy, music, animation, journalism; there’s a Vine for everyone.

So, after hours and hours of deliberation and sleepless nights, I’ve whittled down my favourite Vine performers (or Velebrities) for your delectation. From Jerome Jarre, a quirky, smiling Frenchman in New York City, known for embarrassing strangers with his infectious love for life, to Limmy, a Scottish comedian and creator of Limmy’s Show!, whose lateral take on life in Glesga’ makes him one of my favourite users on the app.

In no particular order:

1. Nicholas Megalis – With over 2 million followers, Nicholas Megalis is the most followed person on Vine, and it’s easy to see why. A talented musician in his own right, the moustache bearing funny man from Cleveland is famed for his witty 6 second raps, as well as several other comic creations, including a talking fire hydrant, a singing caterpillar, and a jar of peanut butter with a hipster persona.

2. Meagan Cignoli – A fashion and portrait photographer from New York City, Meagan takes Vine video making to another level. By using techniques such as stop start animation and time lapse, she offers her followers a beautiful six second snapshot into her life.

3. KingBach – An actor/writer/producer based in Los Angeles, KingBach remains one of the most popular Vine performers with his unique brand of slapstick, energetic, observational comedy.

4. Brandon Calvillo – With comic timing beyond his years, Brandon Calvillo has garnered a loyal Vine following with his idiosyncratic style. I particularly enjoy his series of videos starring a psychopathic version of Walter from The Muppets. You will never be able to watch The Muppets film in the same light again.

5. Vincent Marcus – A talented impressionist, Vincent has wowed Vine audiences with his impersonations of various famous voices, from The Simpsons and Family Guy characters, to Russell Brand and Michael Caine.

6. Limmy – Known for his dark, surreal and whimsical style, Scottish comedian Brian Limond, creator, producer and star of BAFTA award winning TV series Limmy’s Show!, has turned to Vine to air his latest comedy masterpieces. You never really know what you’re going to get with Limmy; you just know whatever it is, it’s going to make you laugh for all the right, and all the wrong reasons.

7. Jerome Jarre – Whether he’s approaching a pregnant lady and claiming to be the father, scaring the crap out of an unsuspecting sunbather by whispering “I love you” in his ear, or shouting “WOOHOO!” on a crowded train and filming the bemused reactions of those around him, the happy, smiling French entrepreneur living in New York City is a Vine maker you just have to follow.

8. Philip Larkin – It was through Limmy that I discovered Philip Larkin, an Irish TV/Comedy writer with a knack for making hilarious Vines.  Ever wondered what the Queen does to relax on a Sunday? Was it really Tommy’s milk that splattered all over The Rugrats logo on the opening credits? You’ll find your answers here.

9. Bo Burnham – Having conquered YouTube with his hilariously catchy songs, Bo has since forged a successful career in comedy, fusing his musical talents with a self deprecating and politically incorrect style of delivery. His Vine clips are very much of the same ilk, featuring a constipated Luke Skywalker, a card trick that can change your race, and the pitfalls of having Jesus as a flatmate.

10. KC James – Based in Los Angeles, and with over 1.5 millions followers, KC James is one of the most consistently funny and popular contributors on Vine. Often playing the part of the idiot, most notably in his series of “Saturday Night Loner Dance” videos, KC’s ridiculous antics never fail to win me over.

So there we have it. My top ten people to follow on Vine. You may have noticed that my list mainly comprises of comedy performers; this is just a personal preference. With the ability to chop and edit scenes, and the fact you only have to wait 6 seconds for the punchline, I think Vine lends itself well to comedy. But as I mentioned earlier, there’s a Vine for everyone. If you haven’t downloaded Vine already, I can’t recommend it enough. Lets see what magic you can make in 6 seconds.

If you have suggestions on who else people should follow on Vine, leave your comments and suggestions below. And whilst I’ve got your attention, why not check out one of my Vine posts as well.